Sailing Class

Catalina 270 Checkout Clinic


It is that time! Are you ready to charter something bigger to sail the Bay? Our Catalina 270 is the perfect boat for 6-8 people to take on a day cruise around the Bay or off-shore. We offer group checkout clinic for those of you that want to take out this lovely boat!

Catalina 270 Checkout Clinic – Harbor Island

  • Prerequisites: ASA 101 and 30 logged hours

  • Reading Material: None

  • Description: The checkout is open to anyone, but you must be ASA 101 or higher certified to participate and have logged 30 hours of sailing. Maximum 5 and minimum 3 students for the checkout. $100 per person and cannot members can use their dues. Clinic lasts about 4-5 hours.The clinic will introduce sailors in using a inboard motor and a wheel helm while docking, sailing, and maneuvering the boat.

The Cost:

  • $100 for members and non-members. Members cannot use dues.

Catalina 270 Checkout Clinic

From $100