The 2nd Annual Whale Watching Rally


The 2nd Annual Whale Watching Rally is a great event to get together and venture into the Ocean and search for Whales! This is not only a whale watching excursion, but also a photo contest! Each participant can enter one picture from rally. The best photograph wins, which will be determined by the owner of Seaforth, and receives a great prize! The photo does not have to be specifically of a whale, but generally FANTASTIC photo!

Quick Infomation

**Where:** Sunroad Marina Location or designated boat location. Rally start at CB17.
**When:** March 16, 2019. Rally start warning 11:25am, start at 11:30am with five sound blasts. Rally ends at 5pm and after party starts at 5:30pm at Sunroad Pavilion.


(Participants can purchase individual tickets price or reserve a luxury boat for the day).

– Members – $49
– Non-Members – $59

**When booking online, a small booking cost might be applied**

– Ticket and luxury rental price will include boat, food and drinks, and rally committee (Catalina 270’s, Catalina 320, Catalina 350). Members cannot use dues for individual tickets.

-If a member would like to rent a luxury boat at a discounted rate, that member will need to let the rally committee know how many participants will be on board. Food, drinks and rally committee will be included for those boats. One member can use their dues toward the entire cost of the boat.

Discounted Luxury Boat Rally Prices (Rally only)

Boats will be reserved from 10am to 5:30pm. Entire boats can be reserved by calling our main office at 888-834-2628.

Hunter 33 — (Harbor Island) $350

Jeanneau 349 — (Harbor Island) $415

Jeanneau 37 (Coronado)– $430

Beneteau 40 (Coronado)– $600

-Members who would like to rent the boat longer or would like to overnight the boat can pay the regular member day rate and give advance notice when reserving their boat.

-Luxury Boats that currently live in our Coronado and Downtown locations, WILL NOT be moved for the event. That party will be responsible for getting themselves to the rally and to the after party.

-*Members are STRONGLY encouraged to reserve in advance!* Boats will be filled based on the number of reservations. All boats will be available to book for all renters during this time, so if members do not reserve ahead of time, they might lose their spot in the rally.

– Seaforth will distribute ticket participants throughout boats (Catalina 270’s, Catalina 320, and Catalina 350), unless a qualified skipper wants to reserve their own luxury boat. The most experienced members will be distributed to ensure safe boat handling; these members will be known as the “skippers” of the rally. We will make every effort to accept and honor buddy requests.

After Party

The after party will start roughly around 5:30pm in the Sunroad Pavilion next to the pool. Food and drinks will be provided, BYOB. We will be presenting acknowledgements and raffles for crew and skippers.

About Us

Seaforth Boat Rental is the longest established boat rental, charter, and tour company in San Diego. We’ve been a family-owned business since 1976.

We have 4 full-time locations covering both bays, and all experience levels are welcome!