Bavaria 46- Sea La Vie

Starting Price

Our Bavaria Cruiser is brand new. Award winning yacht design and spacious inside and out. Sail your worries away in our beautiful city!

A BAVARIA yacht is the perfect interaction of many elements. Everything is built around the extensive expertise
of German engineering. It is an art that looks back on a long and successful tradition in boat building. Today it
is possible to implement all this knowledge with a high degree of precision and quality. We make use of the best
materials, the best equipment and exquisite craftsmanship to create something that is the essence of every
BAVARIA: the joy of yachting.
The BAVARIA CRUISER 46 offers nothing but pure sailing pleasure,shared with close friends or family. In addition to all the comforts on board, the CRUISER 46 offers yet another big plus: a healthy dose of performance, coupled with safety.
4 hour: $800.00
8 hour: $900.00
Club rate: $750.00 all day
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