Summer Never Ends Rally and Raft Up Information


When: October 13-14, 2018.
Where: Depart San Diego Bay at CB 17 (West side of Shelter Island) and rally up the coast to Mainers Basin in Mission Bay. Return departure back to drop off location the following day.
Who: Seaforth Club members and their guests

1. Objective

Summer really never ends in San Diego! This event is a “Boat Camping” adventure that celebrates our amazing Sail Club and it’s members and marks the end of our Pau Hana season. We are inviting our members and guests join us to celebrate a fantastic six months of competition, friend making and overall awesomeness with a distance rally and an overnight party.

Being the 2nd Annual Summer Never Ends raft up, we have a lot of faith in our skilled club members to provision for their own crews and BYOB. We encourage bringing items to share, especially for your hard working race committee. The organizing authority will only provide a light breakfast with coffee in the morning until it runs out, literally you snooze you loose. So come prepared for anything else you might need during the trip.

2. Rules

2.1- THIS IS A RALLY-not a race, so the Racing Rules of Racing (R.R.S.) Need not apply.

2.2- USCG “Navigation Rules, International Inland” ( will apply.

2.3-Class Rules- No class breaks or handicaps will be used. Any Skippers wanting to sail the most efficiently (fastest) should hire, rent, or lease the fastest vessel they can find. Seaforth Sailing Club Members are offered an additional discounted rate on top of their normal discounted rate; please refer below under Entry fees, 4.2 for special member rate.

3. Eligibility and Entry

3.1- The Rally is open to all Seaforth club members and their guests.

3.2- All yachts must have a means of propulsion (e.g. Engine or Paddle) and be able to avoid and stay clear of large vessels and or military vessels in both channels.

4. Entry Fees

4.1- There is NO FEE to enter the Rally or Raft up in the Basin.

4.2- Boat Rental prices have been discounted for Seaforth Sailing Club members and non-members specifically for this TWO-day event. Prices for Seaforth Club Members are found at the end of this notice. Please contact our Mission Bay office by phone to reserve your boat and or directly contact the Seaforth Sail Club Director for details and questions.

5. Classes, Pennants and Sailing Instructions

5.1- None will be provided. This is a boat for boat rally.

6. Schedule

6.1- A first day rally to Mission Bay with a “depart at your own pace” return the following day is schedule. Seaforth fleet preferred back at drop-off location at 6pm on Sunday. If a member or non-member wants to stay overnight on October 14th, then the 2 day, 2 night rates will apply.

Rally- Saturday, October 13th, 2018 at 12:00pm

Return- Sunday, October 14th at 11:00am or T.B.A

6.2- The scheduled time for warning signal for the rally will be on Saturday, October 13th at 11:55am. If you and your crew miss the start then please proceed to sail to Mission Bay. This start is not a formal start sequence.

7. Venue

7.1- The starting area for the rally will be between CB17 and CB16A at the WEST END of Shelter Island.

8. Penalty System

8.1- There are NO penalties-Observe right of way rules. Engines permitted at skipper’s discretion.

9. Radio Communication

9.1- Communication via mobile devices as well as VHF radios is encouraged. Proper protocol should be observed on VHF Radios. The organizing authority will monitor channel 68 for participants unless otherwise notified and CH 16 for emergencies.

10. Disclaimer of Liability

10.1- Participants enter the rally and raft-up are ENTIRELY at their own risk. Rule 4, Decision to Race (R.R.S) will apply. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death, sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the Rally and Return trip.

11. Further Information

11.1- Questions can be addressed to Amy Parker, Seaforth Sailing Club Director by email at [email protected].

12. Skippers Notice

12.1- Skippers will be held responsible for any disorderly, gross or unlawful misconduct on the behalf of themselves and their crews during all rally activities. You may bring your own beverages and spirits to the Raft up.

Seaforth Boat Rental Special Rates for Event: Note: Seaforth members and Non-members will need to return the boat by 6pm on 10/14/2018. Please call our Mission Bay location to reserve your boat. 619-223-1681 or contact Amy.

Vessel Club Member Non-Member
Catalina 270 $300.00 $600.00
Catalina 320 $540.00 $900.00
Hunter 33
$540.00 $900.00
Catalina 350
$560.00 $920.00
Jeanneau 349
$660.00 $1165.00
Beneteau 373/ J37
$695.00 $1250.00
Hunter 38
$695.00 $1250.00
Beneteau 40 $965.00 $1400.00
Jeanneau 42
$965.00 $1400.00
Bavaria 46 $1050.00 $1600.00
Leopard 40 $1420.00 $2250.00

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